The Art Of

An interactive 31-day challenge to cultivate an abundance mindset.


What It Is

The Art of Abundance is a 31-day program that follows the lunar cycle. This is for anyone who wants more abundance in their lives.

Abundance of health, wealth, love and joy!

Clear blocks and heal your relationship with money. Make room for more positivity and joy in your life. Learn to care for yourself on all levels.

Move away from hustling and step into allowing.

This is ideal for those of you who want to make some radical shifts and manifest big time.

Commit to a daily practice for 31 days so we can shed our resistance between where we are and where we want to be and amplify our creative potential to get there.

These are powerful practices and they are only made more potent when we do them together.

how it works

Every week we’ll focus on a new theme that builds on the last one to help you bring your intentions and desires from the abstract to the tangible, from the mental to the physical.

I’ll introduce you to my favorite practices for true transformation and manifestation, practices I’ve personally been doing for years but have rarely shared with others.

Every day you’ll have to do a short morning practice (sadhana) and every week we will build on it by adding a new component to make it even more potent.

We’ll be aligning our weekly practices with the lunar cycles as a way to attune ourselves to the natural rhythms of nature and get back in sync with the flow of our lives. In my experience, manifesting and reaching goals only happens when I’m in that flow.


SEP 17
Theme: Set Your Intention

You will receive:

  • Orientation video with an overview of the program with daily practice instructions, new moon symbolism and an introduction to affirmations
  • Audio affirmation meditation
  • Journaling exercise
  • 10 min slow yoga stretch
  • Weekly challenge
SEP 23
Theme: Uncover Your Shadow

You will receive:

  • Orientation video with this week’s new morning practice, symbolism of the 1st quarter/waxing moon and an introduction to shadow work

  • Audio affirmation meditation

  • Journaling exercise

  • Pranayama (breathing) exercise video

  • Weekly challenge

Theme: Celebrate Abundance

You will receive:

  • Orientation video with this week’s new morning practice, symbolism of the full moon and an introduction to the law of giving & receiving.

  • Audio affirmation meditation

  • Journaling exercise

  • 10 min feel good yoga flow

  • Weekly challenge

Theme: Open to Grace

You will receive:

  • Orientation video with this week’s new morning practice, symbolism of the 3rd quarter/waning moon and an introduction to mirror work

  • Audio affirmation meditation

  • Journaling exercise

  • Pranayama (breathing) exercise video

  • Weekly challenge

what you’ll receive

  • Template for a 31-day morning abundance ritual
  • Weekly orientation videos (x4)
  • Audio affirmation meditations (x4)
  • Yoga classes (x2)
  • Pranayama exercises (x2)
  • Journaling exercises (x4)
  • Secret weekly challenges (x4)
  • Introduction to lunar phases, working with affirmations, shadow work, the law of giving & receiving and mirror work
  • Bonus content for extra resources
  • Live Facebook group check-ins from me
  • Access to our members-only Facebook group
All content is pre-recorded and yours to keep forever so that you can make this work according to your schedule (and timezone!).

what others have to say…

My experience has been wonderful! Consistency and dedication was exactly what I needed within the thoughtful framework you provided. Thank you again for this awesome journey

So many “a-ha” moments for me. Deep digging into all aspects of ME has always been tough for me and I usually give up early because I become overwhelmed. I love the layout of this challenge, with enough time for excavation and also time for reflection. Following the moon cycles has allowed me to dig deep and then celebrate. There has been that up and down which has allowed me to stay with it and stay engaged.

Very insightful and interesting! At times challenging, but in a very beneficial way!

I learnt a lot about myself doing this challenge. It has been an excellent discipline and I have definitely been inspired – so much so I am going to repeat the program! Also really keen to learn a lot more about the lunar influence on our lives. Would recommend it if you feel stuck in your life. Thank you Kassandra.

This was an amazing ride, thank you so much! So authentic and powerful exercises.

I have very much enjoyed this program and process! I’ve had eye-opening moments and epiphanies. I’ve also gotten in touch with some aspects of myself i didn’t even realize were there, and knowing oneself I believe is the key to freedom, wisdom, and happiness. This course has showed me the power of affirmations and the benefits of journaling to provide clarity. Two amazing things I’ve gained are courage to be my authentic self and greater self-love. (As a side note- I didn’t really start this course with the main goal of creating an abundance of money in my life, though I did think it would be nice, but over the past month I really have had money flowing into my life from all sorts of unexpected places! I’m a month ahead on my rent and planning my birthday trip to Italy now!) Thank you Kassandra for sharing this and yourself with the world!

Thank you Kassandra. I am so grateful, this came around at precisely the right time

This was an exceptional practice. I’m so grateful to have lifetime access and am starting through again today with a new affirmation. Thank you!

Thank you so much Kassandra for putting this out into the world, sharing all these tools. I’m very glad you did and am awed by your courageous spirit! I appreciate that you understand that we may have to pick and choose to accommodate our busy lives, and you know that we will find what works for us. It’s awesome that we can continue to tune in, try it again, and be part of the online community. This program has definitely introduced me to another way of viewing my shadows and light, and understanding more about the nature and development of intentions and affirmations. Namaste and kudos : )

This course was a heart opener. I didn’t know I had/have so deep places to heal; areas that I thought were over and done with. Weeks One and Four really resonated with me. I am learning to be “proud of who I am” and “forgive” myself. I will definitely incorporate affirmations and use them as my internal voice throughout my daily activities. Still learning how to sit still and meditate. Enjoying my yoga practice for almost 90 days now. It was/is a gift from heaven during the shutdown/pandemic. Kassandra, always remember you have blessings to behold you know not of. You have given so much to so many and you will reap 100 fold. Thank you again from the depths of my heart and see you on the mat…every morning! 🙂

Kassandra, thank you for having the courage to share your knowledge and light with the world! This is the best ‘investment’ I’ve made in a long time and I am super stoked about the lifetime access. ? Well organised, clear and a wealth of tools to help me align my life with my soul purpose.

This process was deeply healing for me. The gentleness, consistency, and gradual deepening of the daily practice created a supportive space to let go and truly experience a new perspective that resulted in increased synchronicities, prosperity, and joy. Kassandra is a great teacher, her kindness and sincerity really touched my heart and helped me to love myself more. I gained several tools that I am already continuing to use and look forward to repeating the cycle whenever it feels right.

This course was very helpful & much more then I expected. I found the meditation & shadow work very insightful for me personally. Grateful for this course & definitely going to do this course again, thank you Kassandra!

The Art of Allowing offered much more than I expected! Kassandra’s guidance and suggestions made this a beautiful journey of surrender and self-discovery. I found myself looking forward to the practice each morning, and I will continue practicing many of the elements of it beyond the course length. I feel a shift in myself–an opening– that I want to maintain. I am living with more intention, feeling more positive and allowing abundance into my life with ease. I have a heart full of gratitude for Kassandra and this course!

Thank you Kassandra. This has been a deeply nourishing experience for me – it came at exactly the right time for me and it has helped me explore and discover aspects of my life that I had tucked away deep inside of me. I will be repeating the experience – not straightaway – but once I have had a chance to let the learning from this one settle. I feel stronger because of this, more positive and most importantly, created the space to allow me to pursue my dream. Thank you.

I absolutely LOVE this course!

I was blown away by the effect this program had on my life. I was looking for a new job and didn’t seem to be getting anywhere so I made that my focus for the month. By the second week, I had interview requests from three different companies and by the last week, I had a job offer. Not only that but good things started happening in other areas of my life. My overall mood started to improve, my relationships great stronger, and good things really did start to pour into my life. I enjoyed the program so much that I started it over once I was done and plan to continue it indefinitely. I also signed up for the mobile app and would highly recommend that as well. Thank you so much Kassandra so this beautiful program!

I really dove into this challenge because perhaps it was the right time for me, but also it wasn’t something that I felt added to my “to-do” list. It was a natural addition to my day and I feel really good about the work I’ve done this month. I’m looking forward to continuing another round (and so on…) because I’ve only just begun! Thanks Kassandra!

The Challenge was terrific I feel like I can do it again and again.

I’ve participated in this challenge every month since Kassandra opened it last November. I’ve been doing the work, the affirmations, and the practices. It might seem frustrating at times and like you’re not seeing the results you want right away but trust me when I say, it works! It may not be on a timeline you expect but be consistent, keep listening to your intuition and you will manifest the life of your dreams!

I would say that it is long-term work. I definitely look forward re-doing this challenge for the next lunar cycles with more intention, presence and strength. Thank you so much Kassandra for this life-long teaching.

The framework of the program is so well done, it really helps to feel all the moon cycles. I was already aware of them but not in this intense way. The journaling is an eye opener who knew I had so much stuff I needed to write down, but it really helps to release all of it. I love everything about the concept and it has opened my eyes, it seems I am more focused, stronger and more centered. For week 4 I will do your grief yoga session, I need to do it. Thank you gratitude

Kassandra, Thank you so much for this offering! It has been a powerful experience to become more aware of the cycles of the moon and reconnect with myself in the process. The tools you have offered are invaluable…not only have they already had a beautiful and positive impact on my life, I know they will continue to do so in the future. I so appreciate you sharing this with us. Namaste, Jules

Hi Kassandra I have very much enjoyed this course! so much so that I am currently repeating it! 🙂 As someone that has done a lot of personal transformation and growth, there is always room for more growth. Your course has offered that for me. Especially in the area of Coping with Jealousy and comparison (I got so much from your earlier youtube video on this) and Scarcity to abundance. All of the journaling prompts are great and as always I Love your affirmation meditations. I was so apprehensive about recording my own affirmations as I have never been very fond of listening to my own voice. BUT, after the first time i listened to it i was like, omg! I love my voice! 🙂 and now that I’m doing the course again I did another recording with different affirmations. Thank you for your teachings and all the love you put into this course. Namaste

I really love this program. Gave me new tools and consistency to follow though. Nice to have the support of Kassandra with her videos and great explanations but also the Facebook community. I’m planning to keep some exercises on my daily routine moving forward. This program will help you work towards your goals. So worth it!!! Thank you Kassandra!💕

I very much appreciated this course and will be repeating in the future. I would like to commit more to the written portions… 🙂 thank you so much Kassandra, you are a light of love. Great job!

it’s a wonderful challenge I love your presentation and being so natural and simple, kind and happy! ok I had to find a calendar of quarter moon to practice again! 🙂 Namaste!

This program came into my life at a time I was open and ready to embrace new ways of working through challenges and taking better care of myself. I will be repeating it again to integrate more of what I am capable of achieving! Thank you!

I have to admit….in the last two weeks or so I didn’t partake in a whole lot of practice of this program….it was for the best reasons possible…and I don’t mean to brag here but since the full moon I have had abundance come my way in strong waves and I’ve been too busy trying to balance it and handle it all :)…. Did I get every wish granted? no…however in a beautiful synchronicity the universe has been leaving me clues on how to make this abundance multiply in all aspects of my life….I really really have my work cut out for me but it is going to be FUN….best of 2020 to you all….

This was a fantastic, heartfelt, course that I will definitely repeat. It came at just the right time, during the pandemic where there’s a lot of uncertainty. I’m already in flow with the universe but this course reminded me and guided me that no matter what is going on in your life or the world you do have the personal power to make a difference in your life and others. It is truly amazing the abundance that came to me after the first week and at he full moon; being able to see and hug my adult kids again and clients are contacting me in an unbelievable way! Thank you so very much Kassandra for sharing your gifts and reminding me we do have the power within us to create the life we desire! Namaste 🙏

I was very apprehensive about working with affirmations but decided that for 31 days, I could do anything. I ended up seeing the magic this practice had to offer and am so thankful I have seen the effects thanks to this program.

Thank you Kassandra for sharing your invaluable tools to help us take better care of ourselves. This program was therapy for my body, mind and soul. I looked forward to it every morning and will definitely be adding these tools to my daily routine. Thank you again for helping me reconnect to positive thinking and overall wellbeing🙏

I learned so much through the art of allowing! I signed up for one thing but got so many amazing benefits inwardly and outwardly. The most insightful thing I took out of it was becoming aware of my inner critic that became very clear in week two and was something I was able to work through more in week four. I love how this program is aligned with the moon and the routine/ritual aspect of it was incredibly helpful for my mental health – especially in these crazy times. There is so much valuable content in this program and at the end of it all the art of allowing not only made me feel good about myself, but helped me dig deep, explore, and heal deeper issues within me. I set a very ambitious intention this month so let’s see how it pans out! Regardless the program was beyond valuable and I look forward to carrying the tools it gave me for the rest of my life, and revisiting the program soon some other new moon.

This has been an eye-opening experience regarding the power of positivity. I keep my Mala beads in my pocket throughout my workday as a tangible reminder to redirect my thoughts when they begin wandering down the path of negativity. I am looking forward to another new beginning with the next New Moon!! Much gratitude!

So many things resonated with me but the free flow journaling was quite enlightening. It showed the power of words, thoughts & beliefs. The shadowing exercise was by far the hardest as sitting in my truth, observing the ?ugly? & acknowledging it raised lots of uneasy feelings. I didn?t want to be that jealous person. But now I?m aware & can keep working on how to respond appropriately with abundance. Thank you xoxo

Really enjoying the course, thank you so much Kassandra.

I learnt a lot about myself doing this challenge. It has been an excellent discipline and I have definitely been inspired – so much so I am going to repeat the program! Also really keen to learn a lot more about the lunar influence on our lives. Would recommend it if you feel stuck in your life. Thank you Kassandra.

My outlook and personal balance has changed – I feel I can achieve so much more, I feel good and grounded knowing I?m enough and if that?s not enough for someone else, that?s ok. I?ve discovered more calm and peace and notice small beautiful detail like our lilac moon sky opposite a pink fluffy sunrise this morning mmmmm Life is GOOD, thank you K xxx

Kassandra, you and I really jive on philosophy. I venture into the wisdom and practices you share with complete trust in your guidance, like diving into a huge pool of water with the absolute faith that I’ll sink or swim and either way I will come out wiser. I want to thank you for the way you present yourself; with candidness and honesty. I relate to that and respect that you acknowledge we are all (even those of us leading and teaching this stuff) always working to understand ourselves better and move through our own personal challenges with authenticity. I will flow with the moon cycles more often and thank you for the framework to do that with. With much love and gratitude, Lori

This has been a wonderful experience. I feel lighter and shifted toward leveling up. I thank your Guides of Highest Truth and Compassion for inspiring you to create this challenge and look forward to repeating it often. Nameste!

I have loved this course so much, I think I might repeat it a few times to fully appreciate the work and to carry on my current feeling good status. Thank you so much Kassandra x

I loved this course. Now I understand the moon phases and how to approach each one. I loved how each phase was organized and the content was so meaningful. I definitely feel more connected to myself. Thank you so much for making this work available and making the world that much more beautiful 🙂

I followed this challenge for the first 2 cycles and it was amazing! The first time around, I found that it really highlighted where my blockages are resistance were. This was tough, but so worth it! The second time round, I got clearer on what I really want and it became easier to take real tangible steps towards making my dreams a reality. Last week I signed up to Brett Larkin’s online YTT following an email from you. I really don’t think I would have done this without the Art of Allowing challenge! This challenge helped me to realise that I want to teach yoga, it helped me to create the balance in my life to make this happen, and also gave me the confidence and helped me develop the self-worth I needed to go after this dream. I now integrate these practices into each moon phase, along with the new lunar yoga series in the app. I’m finding that this has been hugely transformational for me. Thank you Kassandra for sharing your knowledge in this brilliant course.

Dear Kassandra, I absolutely love this course and will definitely repeat it. I was struggling with finding a personal affirmation that felt right for this point in time of my life and when I finally found it, I was half way through, thus I feel I should repeat the course with the same affirmation in a month or so. I also realised that I need to tape all of the affirmation meditations in my mother tongue rather than listen to it in English, since it has a different effect on me. Thus I translated all of them and taped them as personal meditations. I found the three (four) circles work very beneficial as well. Many thanks for offering art of allowing, you have lovely open and warm energy, which really lets your students flourish. 

This was amazing! Definitely a lot to absorb and to sit with for the the next little while. Loved the structure and flexibility of doing what you resonated with and not necessarily doing what didn’t. I appreciated knowing what was strongly encouraged to follow so that you knew what you could skip if you did’t have time or wasn’t ready to go there yet. Loved the yoga practices and the breathing techniques. Loved also the affirmation meditation!!! I think my favourite part. I always came out of it so calm and ready for the day. Although I didn’t experience the “big” outcome in the way I thought I should, there were so many little shifts that happened for sure! And even though I say little there were big shifts. I have certainly evolved and I am so grateful for that. Kassandra you are the perfect leader and guide for this. Your soothing voice and nature, your compassion and honesty about your own journey and your down to earth realness made this such an enjoyable process! I have learned so much about myself and now have new tools and methods to help me along as I continue my journey. I also love the FB community you’ve created. Everyone there is so lovely. I will definitely do this again and again! I feel i have only scratched the surface. Thank you so much Kassandra for putting together such an amazing program. The Art of Allowing has opened me up to allow wonderful changes to happen and really allowing to gain back control of my journey. Forever grateful!

This has been a wonderful experience, Kassandra! Thank you for sharing your guidance, knowledge and spiritual wisdom.

Kassandra, thank you for taking your time, care and thoughtfulness into creating this program. I was inspired to wake up early every day to do the morning yoga, write & listen to the affirmations. I was also inspired to create my own affirmation for each week-and hearing my voice, finally, for the first time in my life – I can listen to my own voice and not cringe! I loved that you called it the “secret sauce”. You are a true light and please know the ripple effects you started have true and meaningful impact. Hugs. L

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