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An interactive 31-day challenge for abundance.

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what it is

The Art of Allowing is a 31-day program for anyone who wants more abundance in their lives.

Abundance of wealth, health and love!


Clear blocks and heal your relationship with money. Make room for more positivity and joy in your life. Learn to care for yourself on all levels.


Move away from hustling and step into allowing.

This is ideal for those of you who want to make some radical shifts and manifest big time.


Commit to a daily practice for 31 days so we can shed our resistance between where we are and where we want to be and amplify our creative potential to get there.


These are powerful practices and they are only made more potent when we do them together.

how it works

Every week we’ll focus on a new theme that builds on the last one to help you bring your intentions and desires from the abstract to the tangible, from the mental to the physical.


I’ll introduce you to my favorite practices for true transformation and manifestation, practices I’ve personally been doing for years but have rarely shared with others.

Every day you’ll have to do a short morning practice (sadhana) and every week we will build on it by adding a new component to make it even more potent.

We'll be aligning our weekly practices with the lunar cycles as a way to attune ourselves to the natural rhythms of nature and get back in sync with the flow of our lives.


In my experience, manifesting and reaching goals only happens when I’m in that flow.



Theme: Set Your Intention

You will receive:

  • Orientation video with an overview of the program with daily practice instructions, new moon symbolism and an introduction to affirmations

  • Audio affirmation meditation

  • Journaling exercise

  • 10 min slow yoga stretch

  • Weekly challenge



Theme: Uncover Your Shadow

You will receive:

  • Orientation video with this week's new morning practice, symbolism of the 1st quarter/waxing moon and an introduction to shadow work

  • Audio affirmation meditation

  • Journaling exercise

  • Pranayama (breathing) exercise video

  • Weekly challenge




Theme: Celebrate Abundance

You will receive:

  • Orientation video with this week's new morning practice, symbolism of the full moon and an introduction to the law of giving & receiving.

  • Audio affirmation meditation

  • Journaling exercise

  • 10 min feel good yoga flow

  • Weekly challenge



Theme: Open to Grace

You will receive:

  • Orientation video with this week's new morning practice, symbolism of the 3rd quarter/waning moon and an introduction to mirror work

  • Audio affirmation meditation

  • Journaling exercise

  • Pranayama (breathing) exercise video

  • Weekly challenge


dec 25th-Jan 23rd

what others have to say...

My experience has been wonderful! Consistency and dedication was exactly what I needed within the thoughtful framework you provided. Thank you again for this awesome journey 

Very insightful and interesting! At times challenging, but in a very beneficial way!

This has been an eye-opening experience regarding the power of positivity. I keep my Mala beads in my pocket throughout my workday as a tangible reminder to redirect my thoughts when they begin wandering down the path of negativity. I am looking forward to another new beginning with the next New Moon!! Much gratitude!

So many "a-ha" moments for me. Deep digging into all aspects of ME has always been tough for me and I usually give up early because I become overwhelmed. I love the layout of this challenge, with enough time for excavation and also time for reflection. Following the moon cycles has allowed me to dig deep and then celebrate. There has been that up and down which has allowed me to stay with it and stay engaged.

Thank you Kassandra. I am so grateful, this came around at precisely the right time

I absolutely LOVE this course!

I would say that it is long-term work. I definitely look forward re-doing this challenge for the next lunar cycles with more intention, presence and strength. Thank you so much Kassandra for this life-long teaching.

So many things resonated with me but the free flow journaling was quite enlightening. It showed the power of words, thoughts & beliefs. The shadowing exercise was by far the hardest as sitting in my truth, observing the “ugly” & acknowledging it raised lots of uneasy feelings. I didn’t want to be that jealous person. But now I’m aware & can keep working on how to respond appropriately with abundance. Thank you xoxo

The framework of the program is so well done, it really helps to feel all the moon cycles. I was already aware of them but not in this intense way. The journaling is an eye opener who knew I had so much stuff I needed to write down, but it really helps to release all of it. I love everything about the concept and it has opened my eyes, it seems I am more focused, stronger and more centered. For week 4 I will do your grief yoga session, I need to do it. Thank you  gratitude

Really enjoying the course, thank you so much Kassandra.

This was an exceptional practice. I’m so grateful to have lifetime access and am starting through again today with a new affirmation. Thank you!

This was an amazing ride, thank you so much! So authentic and powerful exercises.

I learnt a lot about myself doing this challenge. It has been an excellent discipline and I have definitely been inspired - so much so I am going to repeat the program! Also really keen to learn a lot more about the lunar influence on our lives. Would recommend it if you feel stuck in your life. Thank you Kassandra.

Kassandra, thank you for having the courage to share your knowledge and light with the world! This is the best 'investment' I've made in a long time and I am super stoked about the lifetime access. 😊 Well organised, clear and a wealth of tools to help me align my life with my soul purpose.

what you'll receive

  • Template for a 31-day morning abundance ritual

  • Weekly orientation videos (x4)

  • Audio affirmation meditations (x4)

  • Yoga classes (x2)

  • Pranayama exercises (x2)

  • Journaling exercises (x4)

  • Secret weekly challenges (x4)

  • Introduction to lunar phases, working with affirmations, shadow work, the law of giving & receiving and mirror work

  • Bonus content for extra resources

  • Access to our members-only Facebook group

All content is pre-recorded and yours to keep forever so that you can make this work according to your schedule (and timezone!).



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