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A Yogi's Guide to

Creating an Online Business

Are you a health and wellness professional who is curious about creating digital offerings?

Learn how in this self-paced 12 module course!

Are you curious about building an online business but not sure where to start?
Are you hesitant about using social media to promote your work?

Are you worried you’re not “tech savvy” enough to create a website that attracts students & clients?

Are you constantly hustling to get students/studios/brands to work with you instead of the other way around?

Who is this training for?

  • This training is for health & wellness professionals who are ready to stand out from the crowd and take their offerings online!

  • It is for serious and hard working individuals who are ready for expansion and ready to take this next step.

  • This is for Yoga Teachers, Fitness Instructors, Coaches, etc who want to diversify their products and services to make passive income. 


This online business training is broken down into 12 modules. To give yourself time to implement the lessons I recommend taking 12 weeks to complete the course. Each week's module will include a downloadable video

(and audio only option) and slideshow. Many weeks will also include a bonus video with a guest expert!

 1. Target Audience

Narrow down your ideal client, find a niche and stand out from the crowd.

2. Common Roadblocks

Take an honest look at the beliefs and mindsets that could hold you back from creating a thriving online business.

3. Lead Generation & Mailing List Essentials

Overview of providers, do's and dont's, how to maximize and grow your list, frequency of emails.

4. Social Media Overhaul
Overview of all platforms, identify primary and secondary, do's and dont's, tips and tricks, automating content.

5. YouTube Inside Scoop
In depth YouTube tutorial and user guide to maximize revenue. Get set up and start creating videos.

6. Website Essentials
No need to be tech savvy, learn how to make your website work for you to generate income and generate leads.

7. Monetizing - Real Time Services
Get clients in person and online for your services

8. Monetizing - Passive Income
Learn how to make continuous income from work you do once, through online products and services. 

9. Monetizing - Endorsements & Affiliates
Learn to work with companies and brands for endorsements and affiliations to generate passive & real time income.

10. Marketing
Get copywriting tips, learn how to price your product and how to use ads and webinars to promote your product.

11. Maintaining a Community
How to maintain and continue to grow your online community as it grows.

12. Automating Your Business

Learn about automating social media and how to delegate and scale your business for more growth.

Grow your audience,

earn passive income and

build brand recognition.

Learn from my mistakes

Five years ago I had a dream of making online yoga classes and had NO idea where to start. I had no website, no social media profiles and I was practically unknown both locally and virtually. Social media marketing seemed confusing, shallow and impossible to break into.

After a lot of trial and error, I have created a YouTube channel with 400,000+ dedicated and engaged subscribers. I make great passive income doing what I love most and have offers from major yoga companies all over the world who want to work with me.

I want to show you that you can get your ideas out there and reach a wider audience doing what you love, build brand recognition and start making passive income!


$397 USD


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