Student Testimonials

We are so proud of this offering.
Read the glowing reviews of our training from recent graduates!

Kassandra’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training is such an incredible resource that allows for teachers/trainers of all different backgrounds to add on to their offerings. Upon completion of the course I was immediately able to confidently begin offering Yin Yoga classes to my private and group students. All trainers could benefit from being able to offer Yin style classes to whatever yang style programs they already offer. This program will also help them to better understand working with the joints and connective tissues.

Kassandra has laid this program out in such a fantastic way. It is easy to complete in independent study. The book makes for a great reference manual to use throughout the program, as well as afterwards as you begin offering Yin classes. The program itself is very accessible, and user friendly. Kassandra is a wealth of knowledge, and deep dives in to the poses, the history, the anatomy, and the main fundamentals (such as Chakras and Meridians). I could not recommend this program, and this teacher trainer more.

Amy Stubbs

Yoga Teacher


We are so proud of this offering.
Read the glowing reviews of our training from recent graduates!

Knowledgeable, well spoken, easy to understand, clear and concise are all ways to describe Kassandra’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training. She is just incredible, especially in the way she breaks down and introduces Yin Yoga’s origin, principles, benefits, preparation, poses, and the differences between yin and restorative yoga. This is a highly informative and easy to digest training.

Our bodies all need yin yoga to help us find better balance inside and outside of ourselves, and I’m so excited to be able to put this new knowledge to use in my daily life and yoga classes. Thank you Yoga with Kassandra for opening my mind, eyes, and heart to the very beautiful and beneficial world of yin yoga!

Jenn Carter


I am really greatful that I took this course. I have already told friends that they should take it as well. So That’s a good rating for you Kassandra

Maria Haglf

I knew the first moment when I saw this course online that it will add a a lot to my knowledge. I love Yin, I feel more comfortable using the Yin asanas names and I know how to sequence a good class. I truly appreciate your effort and time for the amazing course.

Shahad Almomen

Amazing online course! Well put together and flawless execution by Kassandra and her team. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion with the world!

Steven O'Neal

Thank you Kassandra for this beautiful training. I bought your book the summer of 2018 when I took my 200hr YTT and fell in love with it and the practice right away. Your passion and wisdom for yin yoga is admirable and inspiring. It made it easy to take in & digest the information you share in the program and put to use. I feel incredibly ready and prepared to go out and share yin yoga at the studio with my students and look forward to this part of my journey as a yoga teacher, and even more as a student of yin yoga myself-deepening my own practice. Thank you for this opportunity-I wouldn’t have been able to receive this training at this time if it wasn’t made available through online learning, with family responsibilities here at home-getting away for a weekend training is incredibly challenging. Your training, which I knew right away I’d be joining from my own experience of your book alone and how I respect you as a teacher and yogi, and my own experience of the yin practice has been a blessing to me.

Jennifer Roy

Thank you so very much for this program, Kassandra! I really appreciated the “choose your own pace” format, as work and life got a tad too hectic at times for me. Much gratitude for sharing your passion, knowledge, and joy. Thank you!

Sizzel Dizzle

It is a well thought and well outlined Yin Yoga Teacher Training. It covers aspects of the philosophy and origins of Yin Yoga, it dives into sequencing and teaching methodology, and Kassandra has done a wonderful job overall! I really enjoyed it and I will certainly refer back to its resources in the future!

Angeliki, RYT®

Kassandra is a very good teacher. Her yin yoga training was quite thorough. She provided a book for yin yoga practitioners to understand chakras, and meridians and provided clear pictures of poses along with modifications. I really enjoyed this course and it has certainly changed the way I teach. I can use the tools I learned for vinyasa yoga as well as specifically teaching yin yoga.

Dee Durfee, RY

Your Online Teacher Training was great. I had already done most of the classes and I greatly enjoyed reviewing them and I very much appreciated how you designed your course. Would love to see more Yoga with Affirmations in the course in future! Many, many thanks.

Ricardo Coll

Kassandra, I have been following you for years and didn’t have to think twice about signing up for this training! I fell in love with Yin after taking my first class about 7 years ago and knew it was the form of yoga I wanted to teach. I’ve been teaching it for 3 years now, and your training has sparked new creativity in me and has changed the way I teach certain aspects of my class for the better. Thank you for taking the time and effort to create this training for us. I look forward to becoming an affiliate of your program and connecting with you more often!

Felicia Hilscher

I am grateful for courses such as this one that allows people like me to learn from expert teachers. The fact that Kassandra was able to share her passion and knowledge via on-line was very liberating for I don’t have the luxury to travel as often as I would like in order to attend to seminars, workshops, and classes. Thank you!

Maria O'Brien, RYT

Fantastic Yin Yoga course, I learned a lot and it helped me to become a better yoga teacher.

Lucía Sarmiento, RYT®

The online format was a nice balance of TTP, TM and YPLE. The short segments made it possible to pause and review as needed or leave the course to pick up when things get busy. Kassandra is clear and descriptive, making the teaching approachable.

Christine Vallis-Page, RYT

This was an excellent class. The information was detailed and presented clearly. I highly recommend Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Kassandra. This has been my favorite class I’ve taken so far. I learned so much!

Dana Benge, RYT®

Thank you Kassandra!! This was an awesome training and I loved how I was able to have access to the program with either of my electronics (iPad, iPhone, or MacAir computer). This was helpful as I traveled and had downtime. Very resourceful and will my practice will benefit; as I continue to work on mastering yoga in my counseling practice. Again thanks!!

Anita Martin

Thank you so much for this training! I love everything about it from the detailed, technical information to the design and overall clarity! This course has exceeded my expectations (and I have been told by many that I have very high standards and am hard to please 😉 So once more: thank you! This course is pure perfection. I loved very bit of it! 🙂 Thank you for all your help and once more – your course was 100% pure joy all the way!

Anna Schreckenberg

Thank you, Kassandra! Very well paced course. Every module covers each and every aspect of the practice. Loved your book and the inspiring quotes. Thank you once again.


This course was exactly what I needed at this point in my career as a new teacher. I have only been teaching for a little over a year, and this was the perfect continuing education course for me. I feel that it has improved my teaching, and I have gained more confidence in myself as a teacher. I now have a greater understanding and appreciation for Yin Yoga. Also, the differences between Yin and restorative yoga are now made clear to me. I highly recommend this course!

Nadine Corda, RYT®

Great job on the Yin Teacher Training Program. You can tell she put a lot of work into everything. Very quick with responses and very informative. Loved the everything about it.

Joanna Newton, RYT

I can’t recommend Kassandra enough! She had a wealth of information and is so kind to share all of this with us.

YogawithLyme Steph G, RYT®

Very good comprehensive study of yin.

Chris Tighe, RYT®

Hi Kassandra, I started your online course a week ago and I really enjoy it. You are a very sympathic person, and I love the way you speak and teach;) (you actually remind me a lot of my lovely cousin who moved out to live in Canada;) I did my 200hrs TTC at a Sivananda center 2010, was pregnant 2 times and was looking for trainings that I could attempt without leaving my family for longer time. Then I saw you on FB, read about your online training, watched you on a video and my decision was made. I don’t regret! I feel so excited to start Yin Yoga. I always thought Yin Yoga is for grannies or unsporty people but now I feel that I need more Yin in my life and I understand that my vision of Yin Yoga was totally wrong ! Thank you for all of that namaste, Christine

Christine Thill


I am so loving this course. I have always been a vinyasa girl, never seen anything else .. until now. Thank you sooo much.

Ingunn Elfa


Such an inspiring journey with you and your online study. Learned so much and hope to grow in my own practice and yoga business. Great training and thank you.

Turra Gorman


I have done several of your YouTube yoga videos and love the various sequences. Your passion for Yin Yoga can be felt through the videos. This training gives me a better understanding of yin yoga and the practice. The knowledge of this course was amazing, one of the best online trainings I’ve taken. I love learning so that I continually build on my knowledge of yoga and all it has to offer. Thank you for an amazing course!

Rosie Robinson

Hello Kassandra. The course was all nothing but delightful. It contains a lot of useful information and your sparkling personality gives a lot to the interpretation. Thank you very much for being my teacher. Namaste

Tereza Frydmanova

I really enjoyed practice yin and enjoyed the training with you. My favorite is your voice and you timing well when you gonna speak or silent. Absolutely love it. Wonderful training.

Suriyat Turer

Thank you so much for this amazing online ytt ! You are so passionate, it is a real pleasure to learn from you. 9 years are gone since I dit my 200 hours ttc, now I feel new energy, new ideas, that I can’t wait to share with my students.
Christine Thill

Loving your course Kassandra! Everything about it. The video presentations, your book and the manual, the overall structure, your clarity and insight and instruction… they are all superb. I really enjoy your classes also. This course will be a wonderful adjunct to my 200 hours ytt. For me it was an affordable and convenient and high standard option. I’m almost finished it now, am very satisfied and glad I chose to do it. I love how I can go back over the lectures and take my time with it all. I look forward to going back over the material and preparing to give my first yin classes. Thank you Kassandra!

Claudia Skinner

I really enjoyed how well planned out this training was and thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course I was moving through in order and didn’t really look ahead and would have loved if the recommended reading and resources were mentioned at the beginning of the training. Thank-you Kassandra! I have been following your YouTube channel for over a year and love your practices. You have been one of my “go to” online teachers as I have moved my way through my 200HR training as well as the YIN training. Your sharing of your experience and knowledge is greatly appreciated.

Jen Hastings

This was the perfect introduction to teaching yin yoga and understanding the difference in intent between yin and restorative. Kassandra is incredibly knowledgable and her teaching experience shines through in this online training. I especially appreciate that she included teaching tips and considerations that extend beyond just teaching yin style classes.
Rachel Melville, RYT

It’s been a wonderful training course. Well paced and with lots of useful information from a very experienced teacher. I love Bernie Clark’s Books, he is amazing. So glad to see him on here! Congratulations for putting such a wonderful course together.
Carole Coull

Thank-you so much! I signed up for this as more of an introduction into teaching yoga because I was not a fan of yin yoga, and now I absolutely love it. In the 2.5 weeks of going through this course it’s made a significant difference in my yoga practice. I loved learning everything and I look forward to more information every year. The way you share what you do and encourage others to teach in a way that is right for them is perfect. I can’t say thank-you enough!!!
Katelyn Meithof

Hi Kassandra, I’ve just completed the course and I loved it! It’s very informative and I really appreciate all the tips you give, and also the ‘Holding Space’ module was very helpful. Excellent course. It’s also really great to have lifetime access to the content so I can refresh my memory as and when needed.

Saskia Bolscher

Wonderful, well thought out, intelligent course that gave me the confidence I needed to begin my own personal practice and begin to teach in my community.

Rachel Star Koladis, RYT

Thank you so much, Kassandra for your wonderful online yin tt! I did a yin tt before, and I really loved your creative way to teach yin yoga!

Adriana van de Lindt

Thank you so much, Kassandra! This was an awesome online course on Yin Yoga! I am a newly certified 200 hour yoga teacher who fell in love with Yin through your YouTube videos and wanted to be able to teach Yin with confidence. This class did that for me. I learned so much and the course material was so thorough. I was hesitant to take a class online, but can say with confidence that it was money well spent. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! Namaste!

Dana Benge

Dear Kassandra, I want to say thank you to you. Your amazing knowledge, wonderful talking and teaching style was all worth it. This was an amazing course, I learned so so much! I cannot wait to design, try out and record my first yin yoga class! I was absolutely thrilled about this course and you did not disappoint! Wonderfully and very professionally structured course. Thank you!


The course is well structured with a lot of bonus material. You can learn at your own pace, questions were answered very fast. It was a great experience. I can highly recommend it.

Karin Kuhlmann, RYT®

Thank you very much for the teacher training, i am very happy With all new knowledge. You are a teacher friendly and charismatic. Nice to meet you Namaste Pamela

Pamela Villanueva Mohr

This was easy to follow yet extremely deep and thorough. She was clear and concise in her teaching manner and content and took the time to answer questions an comments that arose from the students. Kassandra is an absolutely phenomenal teacher. She is the type of yoga teacher I aspire to be! Thank you Kassandra for all of your hard work and dedication to this course! You did an excellent job all the way around, and I hope to see more courses and offerings from you in the future. Namaste!

Ashley Allen, RYT

Kassandra you are wonderfully clear in all of what you are teaching us. Thank you for this online Yin Yoga training!
Susan Roesser

Good course Kassandra. You are very articulate and easy to follow. The book is easy to follow as well.Thank you!
Terri Common

Kassandra has a simple and yet very effective way of explaining things. The course coversall the things you need to know to add yin yoga to your teaching styles, yet she encourages everyone to practice as much as possible (the only way to actually be a good teacher – being always a student). I definitely recommend this, especially to those who can’t find an in person training to attend.
Letizia Menziani, RYT

Thank you so much Kassandra for this amazing training. So much info and I love how everything is explained. Lots of material, not only to read but also videos!!!! So happy I did it.
Melina Sedam

I completed the program awhile ago, but just wanted to say that taking this course was such a wonderful learning experience! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and really diving deep into what yin yoga is exactly. Before taking this course I had a lot of misconceptions of yin yoga, but this course has really helped me become more open minded and have a better understanding. It’s not always about becoming super flexible or mastering every pose. The changes we go through in everyday life affect our bodies and mind. Thus, affecting our yoga practices and making it a new experience each time. Yin yoga is physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging yet healing as well. Thank you so much for sharing your tips, experiences, and overall knowledge. I really enjoyed taking this course! 🙂
Estefania Diaz

I highly recommend this yin yoga training, the design of the curriculum is very friendly to follow, I also love the book and that Kasandra keeps adding updated information that serves this community. I found yoga with Kasandra’s youtube channel in 2016 after completing my 200 hr yoga training, and ever since I always practice every single class she posts on her channel. I love her style of teaching because she is just humble, knowledgeable, and creative with her classes. I am not very flexible and she always made me feel comfortable with the options and sequences that she offers. I also took the art of abundance course with her and it was life-changing for me in a very positive way. Thank you so much!


This training was fantastic. Very thorough, organized well and flowed nicely. I really found it to be beneficial and really enjoyed learning from Kassandra. I especially enjoyed the video modules paired with the manual it really helped to be able to refer back to these and to really understand each section. She is a wealth of knowledge and a teaching inspiration. I got a lot out of this training!

Patti Bentley, RYT®

Thank you so much for this training. I have been teaching ashtanga for the past 18 years and yin for almost 4, and yet I have learned a lot from this training (which came in just the perfect timing during this crazy Covid period…) You’re not only very knowledgeable and accurate in your teaching, you also have a very open, grounded and inclusive attitude. Namsate

Merav Reuel

Thank you so much! This was a wonderful training and ties in beautifully with my 200 YTT. I feel very well prepared and informed to begin to teach Yin Yoga. Love and kindness.

Lisa Rochon

Hi Kassandra, Thanks so much for this training. It was amazing. I enjoyed every minute of it. It was very inspiring and you are a wonderful teacher. Regards, An Wellens Yoga teacher from Belgium

An Wellens

Hi Kassandra, thank you so much for offering this incredible program. My appreciation is beyond words. I feel so lucky to find you through your YouTube videos. I enjoyed every aspects of the training. Through out each class, besides a very good balance of theory and practice, I can feel your genuine love and compassion. You are such a passionate and inspiring teacher! I have set you as my role model. Much thanks and Namaste

Maggie Law

Thank You, Kassandra! I definitely suggest this Yin Yoga training. It was also amazing journey and refreshment for me because i am already Hatha Yoga teacher and look for a things to other point of view. Simply just love this learning platform. I never felt lived alone with my questions and sharing thoughts, Kassandra was always responding and guiding us. After getting certificate, nothing stops – i will keep practising, reading about Yin Yoga topics to give the best for my dear students. All the best and greeting from Denmark, Hug

Eva Millere

Thanks for the great course. I really enjoyed many parts, the class on the entire range of chakra’s was my favorite one of those. I loved your book as well, one of the best ones I have seen for Yin Poses/explanations/etc. I also thought it was great to have other Yin teachers on as well, the Trauma informed session was great as was hearing from Bernie and Travis. Namaste

Mark Ello

This was a wonderful training and I learned a lot. The whole program was well organized and covered every aspect about Yin Yoga. The section on variations, modifications, and substitutions was especially helpful for me.

Sherry Wyman Kikuchi, RYT®

I absolutely love your training. The material was very clear and very easy to understand. I so wish you could put more classes out there like this. I would love for you to teach a Vinyasa class explaining as you did for this Yin class. I would definitely take it. Again thank you!! With Love and Gratitude Kimberly

Kimberly Seitz

Thank you so much for sharing your passion, love and knowledge. I really enjoyed the training, well organized, detailed and clear. You are an inspiring teacher and I keep practising yin yoga with you on youtube. I wonder if we can still watch the videos of the training after we have finished it. I hope so, it would be very helpful. Thank you again!

Elisabetta Crucioli

I enjoyed all of the videos and the entire learning experience was awesome.

Yasmin Kurmaly

Kassandra was really personable and relatable. I learned a lot and any questions I had were answered quickly.

Lori Schmidt, RYT®

Thank you so much for sharing your love, passion and knowledge of Yin in this course. The theory was easily digestible, well balanced with a variety of practices and all the nuggets of practical wisdom from a seasoned teacher will be invaluable in my own practice and teaching. I loved the tip to always teach from our own personal practice, your classes helped me fall in love with yin and I am grateful to now have the tools to share that with others. Take care.

Michelle Reaney

Thank you for offering this course, I would recommend it to anyone. It was comprehensive but your presentation of the information never made me feel overwhelmed by it. I feel confident that I can go out and teach a safe and meaningful yin class now. I also really enjoyed being able to learn at my own pace and in my own time. I’m registered with the Canadian Yoga Alliance and entering the course into the continuing education log was super easy – just basically giving the name of the course with a brief description and that was it!

Amber Torvalson

I highly recommend Kassandra’s Yin Yoga Certification course. I am not a yoga teacher but I found it easy to understand and follow. Thank you Kassandra for creating a high quality program that is not only interesting but also super user-friendly. I am so grateful that I discovered your Yin Yoga classes on You tube, I am hooked for life. Now I am inspired to complete my teacher training! Sending you light and love

Litsa Mavros

Wonderful experience with Kassandra! She is a very inspiring yoga teacher and great instructor!

Karina Carr, RYT®

Yin Yoga was not part of my previous training, so I enjoyed it a lot. Kassandra presented it so well, clearly presented and easily understandable, using great examples. In all modules her compassion and enthusiasm for Yin Yoga is noticeable and really raised my interest as well. Especially all that little cues and the connection between body and mind was explained super well. I love practicing with her and would love to learn more!

Sabina Ciccone

If you would have asked me what I thought about Yin yoga before I took Kassandra’s modules, I would have said I hated it. It was excruciating pain and misery for me. The moment I watched those modules, everything changed. Kassandra did such a wonderful job explaining the principles of Yin yoga and all the ways it could benefit me (especially through modification). Yin yoga is now a crucial part of my weekly practice and I have Kassandra’s wise guidance to thank for giving me access to such a valuable tool. 

Kelsey Pyle

The course on Yin Yoga Kassandra delivered was a welcome addition to a training that focused mainly on hatha, vinyassa and kundalini. I want to thank you Kassandra, I am grateful for the genuine enthusiasm, clarity and passion you shared during these lectures. Your knowledge, passion and expertise has inspired me to delve further into this practise. I loved learning the background to yin yoga and the real benefits of yin. Before I had studied these modules I never really had the inclination to try yin, by the end I was realising the benefits of this type of yoga and excited to delve more deeply into it. Thank you for awakening a curiosity in me to begin a yin practise of my own.

Louise Antippas

I’m so excited to be 100% complete with this training (it was a PLEASURE to go through) and start creating some sequences of my own! Thank you for such wonderful, clear, concise, and thoughtful material.

Brianne Grogan

It was a beautiful training and I am so happy to did it. Instead I am practicing and studying yin yoga for two years I learned a lot more. So thank you so much!
Elena Porciatti

Hi Kassandra – I loved this course! I am an incredibly yang person and I completely see the value of yin. Your book and resources were excellent and I believe has broadened my perspective tremendously. Thanks!
Geris Serran

This was an awesome course and it truly surpassed my expectations. I did a 350 hour YTT course here in the UK but I didn’t have much experience with yin. Since starting this course, I now feel much more confident teaching yin. Thank you so much for creating this course – I’m forever grateful!

Natalie Young

Woo hoo!! That was a bunch of fun and I learned some cool stuff! I nailed the quiz but I haven’t even been through all of the material yet. I have been studying the manual tho, I printed it. I am SO EXCITED to receive your hard copy book. I just know that it is going to be awesome. I’ve been studying yoga for 10 years and I just wanted to do another little training to spice things up. Yin is amazing and tbh, your program is very well done!! I hope to receive my certificate soon, I am going to offer a class at the local studio in the new year. THANK YOU Namaste
Carla Combden

Completed the course, passed quiz, feeling very emotional. This has been an enlightening and powerful journey. Appreciate the inclusion of a printed teaching manual, which i will now be diving into to deepen my understanding of meridian systems. Thank you Kassandra for making this possible!

Eileen Norton

Kassandra’s yin yoga module gave me a great overview over how to teach yin yoga. It helped me understand & comprehend the concept of Yin yoga fully and left me feeling more knowledgeable, strong in my practice, hungry to learn more and confident to teach. Thank you Kassandra for holding the space to learn and grow in so many ways. You are a bright light in this world! I look forward to passing on this knowledge to as many others as I can.

Kim Joanna Robinson

In terms of the yin yoga module you taught in Brett’s YTT I can honestly say I loved it. I had never really done much yin yoga before and I found your module so informative and your teaching style relaxed, approachable and easy to understand. I’d definitely recommend anyone thinking about undertaking your training to go for it, they won’t regret it.
Amanda Anderson

This training was fantastic. Very thorough, organized well and flowed nicely. I really found it to be beneficial and really enjoyed learning from Kassandra. I especially enjoyed the video modules paired with the manual it really helped to be able to refer back to these and to really understand each section. She is a wealth of knowledge and a teaching inspiration. I got a lot out of this training!
Patti Bentley

Wonderful! It was the first time I was taking an online training and I totally loved it. The content was very clear. I especially liked to be able to do it at my own pace. The video support allowed me to press pause button whenever I needed extra time to take notes or take a look at the book for more information (or look into the dictionary since English is not my mother tongue!). So I feel like I could go deep and digest all the information. Furthermore I did not feel alone, since I used the discussion section to post a comment and got a feedback. So THANK YOU Kassandra for this wonderful training, and all the work you accomplish, you really are an inspiration to me!

Amandine Crabos

Thank you Kassandra, this was such a beautiful course
Kimberley Downes

So happy to have been able to take your course and so proud of you for this accomplishment and all the work you put into it. The training was well laid out, I love how there was the visual video segments as well as the online manual to follow the segments with, and of course your beautiful book. I loved that I could control the pace of my learning and complete the segments in my own time, the program was very user friendly. Congratulations to you on your successes and to me for completing my training!!! 🙂
Julie Anderton

Thank you, Kassandra, for this insightful training. I have my 200hr certification and am beginning a 140hr Yoga for Warriors (PTSD) track this year. This yin training was the exact step forward I needed to take in my journey as a yoga instructor and within my personal practice as well. Your training was extremely well laid out, your book is lovely, and I truly appreciated every class you taught. I am so excited to bring Yin Yoga to my studio come January! Thank you for your dedication to serve the world with your teachings. All the best to you.
Marjorie Gast

Hi Kassandra have just completed the course and just waiting on certificate to be emailed. I have enjoyed learning so much more from your course and thank you whole heartedly for making this possible. I will be teaching more Yin classes from now on.
Bev Lindley

Hi Kassandra, I love this course. Thank you so much for making this. Its so inspiring og so very helpfull. Thanks again!
Nina Lundgard

I’ve been teaching yoga for about a year and a half. After completing my 200hr YTT I knew I wanted to go deeper and learn more about yin yoga specifics. I was interested in doing an online program to fit in with my busy schedule. I love Kassandra’s teaching style as I’ve taken quite a few of her classes on YouTube so I was really excited to hear she was offering a training course. The course was very well put together. She provided a lot of information that I had not learned before and I have already began to apply them to my teachings. I feel much more confident as a yin yoga teacher and am excited to expand my offerings. I definitely recommend this course to those looking to learn a bit more about the practice and teaching of yin yoga.

Vanessa Thomas

Grazie!! Grazie!! Grazie!!! Lessons are sooo well explained and clear and interesting that even a non-english student has passed the quiz!! I learned such many interesting things to deepen my practice…now I want to remind the names of yin poses in English ’cause I had some troubles with it. Un bacio grande!!!
Luana Marzani

I completed the course today! It was wonderful. I have a lot of practicing coming up before I teach this format. Love yin yoga! Thank you for being my teacher.
Diane Durfee

Thank you so much for this training! It has been so helpful to enrich my knowledge of yin yoga. I’m going to use most of the information received during my lessons.
Laura Alessandro

Thank you Kassandra!!! I found out about your yin training through my 200-hour YTT training with Brett Larkin, and seeing your yin videos through her training. I can’t tell you how much I need yin in my life, I feel like a missing puzzle piece fell into place for me 🙂 I’m one of those go-go-go! people and didn’t realize how important it is to slow down, connect with your body and really LISTEN to what your body is telling you. Yin yoga is what has taught me to be introspective, to slow down and be at peace with where my body is at and to understand it. Thank you so much for this course, for your book, and for your videos. Namaste!!
Andrea Roozekrans

This was a great course. I learned so much! It really contained a lot of information I was impressed! Thank you!
Jennifer Sacket

Namaste Kassandra, thank you so much I must say this course was really amazing. I have been teaching for nearly 30 years and have diversified my classes in many streams but this is the first time I did a course online. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning but I must say you were just super and the way you designed the course is just remarkable. I’m also going to encourage many of my students and friends to do this wonderful course.
Kalpana Karia

Thank you so much for this online yin yoga training! It was just what I needed living and teaching in a remote location and having a young family makes travel for further education a challenge. I am feeling so much more confident and knowledgeable in my in practice as a student and as a teacher! Great work Kassandra. It was a pleasure being a student of yours : ) Jai Namaste.
Jessica Fillion

I very much enjoyed this course. This was my first online course. I have been practicing with you on Youtube for a couple of years and when I saw that you were offering this online YTT course my soul got happy. 🙂 I have soaked up so much great knowledge about the practice and teaching of Yin Yoga and have already begun implementing it into my classes. Thank You for Sharing your gift of knowledge and passion for Yin Yoga with all of us.
Michelle Sanchez

I am so happy to be here. I love your course! I am glad I will be able to bring Yin to my students. It is my passion! Thank you so much for offering this certification!!!
Kristen Butler

Dear Kassandra, This has been a wonderfully thorough course! I will definitely use your teaching tips not only in my Yin classes, but also in my broader offerings. I especially appreciate your focus on service. And–LOVE your book! Thanks a heart-full! Namaste, Cate Johnson
Cate Johnson

Hi Kassandra. I became interested in Yin by practicing your youtube videos. When the opportunity to undertake your training was offered I jumped at the chance. I’ve been qualified as a 200 hour teacher for the last year and all your advice has helped boost my confidence and creativity when planning my general classes too. Fantastic course, amazing teacher x

Karina King

I’m so grateful I found you online! I resonate with your teaching style and enjoy all your classes and the intention you put behind each one. Doing this course with you has been so inspiring and empowering. At this point now in my life Yin is my favorite style of yoga and being able to learn more through your experience as a teacher has been so rewarding! I hope to meet you in person at some point!! Thank you Kassandra, you are a beautiful light shining through any darkness!!
Deb Goodman

Thank you!!! I loved the training. It was perfect for me and my busy crazy life!
Jodi Foster

Dear Kassandra, this program elevated my general practice of teaching hatha yoga – AND made a a yin yoga teacher. The information was so thorough and not at all superficial, as some might believe from an online training. I enjoyed all your videos and am more than grateful for the book AND the teaching manual. Fantastic work. Thank you!
Kristin Zimmer

I have loved this training, Kassandra! Thank you; you have truly transformed both the way I practice and the way I teach!
Kimi Nettuno

Dear Kassandra, my heartfelt thanks for the experience going through your training and enjoying your online classes. As the saying goes, there is a time for everything, and it seems this was the right time for me to meet with Yin yoga; after years of practicing more active styles and building openness and readiness for more stillness and reflective practice. And being able to access it on line, to practice and to learn, is a real gift. Thank you for all the effort in making it possible for me, and for many more people! I look forward to continuing enjoying your teaching!
Suzana Paklar

I’ve been teaching vinyasa yoga for years but really needed this yin course for my personal practice. Thank You so much I have learned so much new information, the course is awesome and you as a teacher.

Florendia Lambrou

Thank you so much for the wonderful course. As a yoga teacher opening her first studio (eek!) I have been wanting to up-level my knowledge and this was perfect! Great content, informative, well written and a great mixture with the texts and videos!Marion
Anna-Marie Morgan

Thank you Kassandra for an informative and inspirational programme. The modules you presented were clear, easy to follow but so very interesting that I felt compelled to keep on going to the next module. I found ‘Teaching Trauma Informed Yoga’ incredibly inspiring and it resonates, together with Yin Yoga as the primary style, with the teaching I wish to introduce in my new yoga studio. I have practiced Iyengar Yoga since 2009 and my amazing master yoga teacher, Yvonne de Kock, recommended your Yin Yoga Teachers online course. Your attention to detail, knowledge and teaching manner is commendable.

Jeanne Thompson

Thank you once again Kassandra, for the second time 🙂 I just finished going through the entire course again from the beginning. Much appreciate the new info and updates. I found that I heard and noticed different information which jumped out at me this time round. Keep well. Namaste


Thank you this was great – although I haven’t yet done my 200 TT – Yin is the style I really would like to teach – I will keep practicing with your guidance daily.

Caroiine Bottrill

I’ve really enjoyed learning about yin yoga. I actually first tried it 15 years ago and then lost touch with that style of yoga practice

Luisa Theis

Dear Kassandra, thank you for this training course. I love it, I like your energy and your passion for yin yoga. I learned so much, it’s the first time I met yin yoga, now I practice it almost every day. And I also applied for another yin yoga teacher training so I can expand my knowledge. I’m very grateful, thanks!

Eva Hrastar

Thanks very much for the opportunity to learn more and practice Yin yoga. I deepened my yoga practice and love and understand Yin more. I enjoyed the new knowledge of meridians and practicing Yin with you. Especially your way of leaving a space during the practice and fewer instructions. Thanks!

Agnes Czerniakow

Thank you so much for such a fantastic online course – I am delighted that I have completed it and can’t wait to implement my new found knowledge ! Thoroughly recommend to anyone who shares the love of Yin Yoga. Thank you ! xx

Suzanna Segura

I was skeptical at first, taking an online yoga certification, but OMG this was life changing! This course was helpful for my Yin yoga practice and my Vinyasa yoga practice! I learnt more about the way the body works and how to create and hold space! Kassandra is so well spoken and I learnt so much! I can’t wait to lead my first YIN YOGA CLASS!

Isabelle Kulick

Thank you so much for this wonderful training. I am kind of hypersensitive person, I just found out (never too late). Also I’m totally a kind of Yang person and realized I needed to add more Yin into my life. After 10 years of Yoga practice, I did a 200h Hatha yoga teacher training since I get more benefits from holding the poses. But at the same time my daily Sunday Yin became more than a habit. I discovered Yin thanks to your videos and totally felt in love with the practice (even if I’m struggling holding poses let’s be honest with myself). So after one year of teaching Hatha Yoga, your training was a perfect opportunity to learn even more and to practice. I discovered the happiness to practice Yin when it’s so hot outside (I live in France and wow that was a rude summer). It was like Christmas every day to know that a video was waiting for me. And also as I’m not en English native speaker, I want to say that you make it really easy to understand, with a clear and affordable accent. So for all of those positive point and especially the “here and now moments” I felt during the training, I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

“Kassandra, Thank you for this training. It has changed my own personal practice in ways I was not expecting and I hope to be reaching out to you soon to show you how I will be sharing it with those around me.
I loved the quiz especially! I can just imagine you sitting down and writing out the options! Eg. “winging it as a type of class. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Sheridan Bibo

Thank you for this training! It was excellently done and I would highly recommend it for teachers as well as students. For me it has not only deepened my understanding of Yin but also my understanding of all yoga styles. I’ve been practicing yoga 15 years and teaching for 7. As a 64 yr. old I’ve discovered how important keeping my joints healthy through a regular Yin practice is for my health. My favorite flow is Yin to Vin. I will be teaching this style more often as my students enjoy it as well. Many blessings to you.

Susan Roesser

Wonderful training! I love the settings of your videos. One of them had trees moving in the window. It was so peaceful. You also have just the right amount of volume for your music. I enjoyed all the sections of the training, and I still check out your new offerings on YouTube. I have taken your training on Udemy, also. Thank you for all the work you put in, and the high quality of everything you offer.
Renae Cane

Thanks so much Kassandra. It’s so important for me. The last month was so hard to prepare myself and to study your book (I find it in italian language). I love Yin Yoga so much. Thanks thanks thanks. I hope to meet you in person in the future. I’ve got 3 kids so for me it’s not easy to move all around the world, but I hope to meet on your next trip in Europe. Thanks again. This teacher training is so well done and well explained. I love your classes.
Isabella Masserini

Thank you for great teaching and guiding. I will for sure return to the modules when I need to catch up. Namaste

Thank you so much for this beautiful articulate training. I loved your way of online training. You are a natural teacher trainer and your approach is so practical and down to earth. I have a 240 YTT and 90 YTT refresher online training. I learnt a whole new set of tools to use in my teaching and excited to have a new outlook on sequencing my Yin classes. Highly recommend this Yin training to anyone who is not sure whether to or not it is definite YES you should !! I also love your YouTube channel. Keep up the fantastic work Kassandra

Donna Cranston

Excellent teaching and content. It certainly is informative and makes my insight into Yin so more powerful. Thank you so much.
Bonnie Taylor

Thanks so much for the training a refresher for me as it’s been about 5 years since my prior training. I work mainly with seniors who really enjoy this practice for their joints and tissues and the time to be in pose and reflect, breathe and relax their bodies. The modifications are very important as most have limits due to the lives they have lived in their bodies.
Susan Redmond

A lovely online course – Am Yin obsessed ! I live and breathe it everyday ! Thank you ! I hope that you come to the UK in the future so that I can come to a class ! Sx
Suzanna Segura

So Excited to dive deeper into my YTT. I was on the fence about an online training for a few months and after 3 attempts of trying to take courses in person (your’s being one of them) I figured it was finally time to give in and try the online course. The idea kept coming back to me and when something does that in my life I feel its a sign to go ahead and do it so here I am!! Yin was actually the very first yoga class I took and have always loved it from working long days in a fast pace environment. Yin always helped me to slow down and feel grounded. Can’t wait to learn more about it! Thank You for this option to grow Kassandra! : )
Cassie Scoyne

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, and the quality of the teaching and resources were amazing. Thank you very much.
Vickie-Marie Osborne

I started this training months ago and just now came back to it with the new, added content. Overall it is an excellent course with great content! Thank you for offering this online. I am a 200 RYT and received little yin training in my program. So this was a great continued education that has been so convenient to learn online.
Nikki Carla Cook

‘Completed the Yin Yoga Training yesterday. It was comprehensive, informative, and engaging. Thank you for adding the new content and your dedication. It was through your channel that I learned how to embrace the discomfort in order to connect with my inner wisdom. I’m excited to practice this style both with myself and my students.

Vickey Zapelli

I absolutely loved this course. It was comprehensive, informative, and engaging. Thank you!!!!
Victoria Zee

Yoga with Kassandra’s Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training was excellent. I was initially skeptical about taking an online YTT, but Kassandra has a video that addresses any concerns and quells all objections. I was convinced after watching and promptly bought the course. The course comes with a beautiful manual that arrived by post within days (international delivery, as well!) The video course is divided into 2 sections: first covering all aspects of the history, theory, and purpose of yin yoga; the second section gets into the practical details of designing sequences and teaching classes. Each section has several videos, each of which are intelligently put together. The information is thorough, well-organized, and delivered very well. The course is pedagogically sound, useful, and interesting. And, of course, Kassandra’s gentle and friendly presence is with you throughout. At the beginning of the course, I was pleased with its quality. At the end of the course, I was sad it had come to a close. This online training is an excellent course, and well worth the tuition cost (particularly given the materials and life-time access, which means you’ll have access to any updates or new materials added in the future).

Christopher Gray

Thank you for leading this outstanding training. My YTT did not cover yin as part of its content, but I have really enjoyed taking your yin classes for several years. The content you provided fits very well as an addendum to a 200 hour program, and provides very detailed discussion on the philosophy and mechanics. I feel very comfortable offering a full yin program to my students based on this training. Thank you!


Thank you so much Kassandra for this wonderful and very informative training. I really love your way of teaching, very clear and concise. Love and light!


A fantastic course with Kassandra – who is an excellent compassionate teacher – x

Suzanna Segura

I greatly enjoy your course Kassandra! It’s filled with your passion towards Yin and it’s much contagious which is amazing! You are a true yoga teacher thank you so much for your great work putting all this together. All the best, Namaste

Magdalena Schedler

Thank you so much for putting this together. I can really feel your passion in the work that you do and it has rubbed off on me somewhat. I first got into YTT to deepen my own knowledge and also to practice safely because I practice at home a lot (thanks a whole bunch to your YouTube videos). As I was going through these modules, I had this nudge to go out and start sharing all the wonderful teachings to as many people as possible. Please do continue doing the amazing stuff that you do and more, I really wish abundance comes your way. You deserve every bit of it. Namaste.Ng Sze Ping

Thank you so much! and really for the ongoing research, knowledge and updates to the manual! you really put a lot of work into this and ii am so grateful for the energy. thank you for holding space digitally and equipping us with teaching certificates. soooo much gratitude for you!

Jo-Anne Cranko

Thank you, Kassandra. I really enjoyed the program, your style, and the relevant learning. Really excellent job in the design and the delivery of the materials – and the flow. All the best!

Kathleen Kolze

This. Was. INCREDIBLE! I learned so much from your course, Kassandra. What a gift you gave to this yogi during a time of monumental shifts, most especially here in the States. (I am in Texas—shoutout to all the Texan yogis out there!) I soaked in all of your insights and knowledge and eagerly continued to each module, knowing that I was in good hands. I feel prepared to teach my first class. THANK YOU! ~~~ Sending you love and so much gratitude ~~~

Cathy Paras Lara

‘Yoga with Kassandra’s Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training was excellent. I was initially skeptical about taking an online YTT, but Kassandra has a video that addresses any concerns and quells all objections. I was convinced after watching and promptly bought the course. The course comes with a beautiful manual that arrived by post within days (international delivery, as well!) The video course is divided into 2 sections: first covering all aspects of the history, theory, and purpose of yin yoga; the second section gets into the practical details of designing sequences and teaching classes. Each section has several videos, each of which are intelligently put together. The information is thorough, well-organized, and delivered very well. The course is pedagogically sound, useful, and interesting. And, of course, Kassandra’s gentle and friendly presence is with you throughout. At the beginning of the course, I was pleased with its quality. At the end of the course, I was sad it had come to a close. This online training is an excellent course, and well worth the tuition cost (particularly given the materials and life-time access, which means you’ll have access to any updates or new materials added in the future).

Christopher Gray

Thank you Kassandra for a wonderful course! I am extremely grateful to have found you when I did. I learned SO MUCH about Yin Yoga. you clarified most of the questions I’d compiled from my reading and practice!
Toni Watson

I have just completed the test and I am feeling a mixture of deep joy and sadness for having finished this marvelous journey with you! I have had the pleasure to meet you at your very recent yoga retreat in Costa Rica, where the afternoon Yin yoga practices led us all to a profound peace of mind and great sense of relaxation. As soon as I came to know that you hold a Yin yoga teacher training, I enrolled, and here I am, happy, and admired by your professionality and kindness: these two qualities together are rare! The program is so well done, interesting, and not difficult to understand. The manual is so helpful, and full of important tips, and so is the book! I have been teaching Hatha yoga for the last 3 and a half years, and look forward to begin teaching Yin! Thank you very very much, it has been a super positive experience!
Fabiola Lancellotti

Thanks so much Kassandra , Fabulous teacher Training , You are an inspiration!

Cristina Hanney

Great program and level of detail – thanks!
Allison Halley

I’m so happy I found this training all the way in Denmark 🙂 I had the same feeling with finishing this course- as I did with my Reiki healing course- I came in through one door- and out again through a new door- changed- with new perspectives – new ideas- new body- new inner peace- and a deep sense of that Yin Yoga and meditation really need to get out to people- out there and I cant wait 🙂 I have been working as a nurse of hospital psychiatry – so the chapter in the end about Teaching trauma sensitive yoga inspires me alot – and I already ordered his book. Thank you for making this course so inspiring with such a good sense and respect for the roots of yoga and meditation 🙂

Christine Vilmar Lake

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and energy through this teacher training! It has been a blessing in my life and I hope to share that with others.
Meredith Lombardi

I’d like to thank you as this has been an amazing journey and I wouldn’t have been on it if it wasn’t for you. I have taken this training as a yoga student (not a teacher) because I am exploring the possibility of becoming a teacher but… you know, baby steps. There are several things I will be taking with me from this training. First of all, the training taught me that I shouldn’t be comparing myself to other teachers (or students) as I will need to find my own teaching style. Another thing I take away from this is the sense of community that I experienced. Third, I am comforted in the fact that I want to share what I know because I have experienced the benefits of this practice for a while now and am certain others can too in their own manner and experience. I am encouraged to become a yoga teacher and will be starting a YTT soon. Last thing I want to share is how much I loved the trauma informed yoga section which was so interesting and brought by beautiful knowledgeable people. Very grateful for Brandon’s interview and will most certainly purchase and read his book. Thank for sharing your knowledge, thank you for sharing your amazing classes on YouTube. To me you’ve been the best fit and therefore I am immensely grateful. Keep up the great work! Thank you.
Charlotte Francois

I really loved this course in every way and am super excited to add yin in to my classes. I thought generally it was well explained and loved you bringing the chakras in to it because I teach kundalini yoga based on the chakras.
Runa B.M. Tomasdottir O.

This Yin Yoga teacher training with Kassandra has been truly amazing!!! She is so knowledgeable and such a wonderful teacher! If you are looking to further your education you should definitely enroll in this program.
Colleen Shy

Kassandra Wow! What comprehensive and motivating course. I love your attention to detail and authentic teaching style. I enjoyed learning, the content is so well put together and relevant. Can’t wait to teach Yin Yoga. Sign me up for your next course!
Laura J Aitcheson

Thank you for this training. I became familiar with Yin through another online training in which you were a part. I knew I wanted more, and was so thankful to have found this course. Great content!
Michelle Langley

Thank you so much for your time, love and gift! I look forward to sharing this with our yoga community much love
Stephanie Riggs

Thank you for a really amazing course! 🙂
Sia Gosheva-Oney

Lovely teaching. Clear, concise and knowledgeable instruction. I wasn’t sure about taking the course because I am not sure if I would like Yin Yoga. I have come to appreciate the calmness and the increase of flexibility in the joints especially for those of us older yoga teachers. I am not a big talker during class as in instructor and loved your quiet but effective teaching style.
Peggy Pidgeon

Thank you for this amazing training! My yoga classes will surely be enhanced by it.
Kim Harrell

Thank you! The course was really nice, very clear teaching and good examples – and lot’s of materials to continue own studying 🙂
Tanja Heiskanen

Kassandra – Wonderful course. Thank you for helping make the practice of Yin Yoga not only accessible, but relevant and practical. I have been practicing yoga for 8 months and Yin in particular for the past three. It has made a positive difference in my life and am excited about the prospect of serving as a resource for others. Thank you again for all you do sharing your knowledge, insight and joy of the practice.
Michael Margolis

Thank you so much for this course, Kassandra! The YTT I completed in 2013 did not cover yin yoga and I only recently learned of it myself. Its focus on fascia and mindfulness really resonate with me. I’m looking forward to creating yin sequences for myself and hopefully to share with others.

Erika Elsinger

Thank you so much for this course, Kassandra! The YTT I completed in 2013 did not cover yin yoga and I only recently learned of it myself. Its focus on fascia and mindfulness really resonate with me. I’m looking forward to creating yin sequences for myself and hopefully to share with others.

Lester Thoo Sin Lang

Kassandra, thank you so much! This course has been really informative and encouraging as I begin teaching Yin Yoga classes as a newly certified yoga teacher! I will definitely go through the class again and again and hold it as a great resource for sharing Yin Yoga with others. Thank you! 🙂

Mitzi Johnson

Thank you very much, I really enjoyed it! I gained a huge amount of new knowledge and fell in love with yin yoga. Namaste!

Eva Hrastar

Hi Kassandra, Thank you for putting together this course! It was amazing, your interviewing skills are on point and I loved how the course was structured. It gives the student the room and flexibility to be creative with their future teachings. I also loved that you dove into the history as well. The clarity of what Yin Yoga is clear! I also liked that for the course, as a student you can choose to watch the modules in the order you want depending on how you, as a student, best absorb the information (I watched all the theory first before the sequencing). This course is really all encompassing and very balanced. I appreciated it a lot, you are doing amazing and a fabulous teacher.

Jennifer Do

Hi Kassandra, Thank you so much for this Yin Yoga Trainiing program. It was so wonderfully comprehensive and presented in a really friendly format. I look forward to applying what I’ve learned to my students!


Karen O’Neil

Love love love this!! I have done your yin yoga classes for a few years now and love your style, so I knew I wanted you as my yin teacher training teacher. However, I was really unsure about how the online training would be since it lacks the physical contact, but I’m so happy I did this. So much great information is here, and I can refer back to it anytime I want, and can pause videos to take proper notes. That’s the biggest downfall of face to face classes, if you don’t catch something when it’s being said, too bad. And now I can look forward to any future videos which you add to the program. Thank you Kassandra! Xx


Elainne Dickinson

If you have a love of Yin I recommend this course. Kassandra gives easy to understand instruction into meridians, chakras and Chinese medicine. Plus the book you get for taking the course is very detailed and includes sequences to you can do and teach and helps you learn to sequence your own.

Diana Hughes, RYT®<br />

I just want to say thank you! I learned a lot and this course was amazing

Maria Haglf

This was a great course. I learned so much! It really contained alot of information I was impressed! Thank you!

Jennifer Sacket

I finished your Yin training this week and I want to thank you for all of your hard work in putting this valuable course together. The content was super relevant and clear. Initially, I was hesitant to commit to an online-only training as all of my in-person teacher training experiences have been so transformational because I developed deep connections with my teachers and the other people in class. However, I actually really enjoyed the online format and it was immediately clear how passionate and dedicated you are to the practice of Yin, which made my experience very powerful. It was really nice to be able to work at my own pace and replay anything I wanted to watch/hear again. And your manual is super informative, clear, and useful. Taking this course has really deepened my interest in Yin and I’ve already lined up a Yin class at the studio I teach at. I really feel it is an important practice for those of us with busy lives or who deal with stress and anxiety on a regular basis. I’ve also just signed up to study with Bernie Clarke in May to continue to deepen this work. So thank you for all of your hard work, passion, and commitment to the work you do. I know you have and will continue to facilitate transformative space for a LOT of people.Wishing you all the best. Namaste!

Katie Blecker

This course was rich in information and thorough in explanation in all areas from philosophical, physical, and practical application standpoints.

Christina Ortega, RYT

Thank you so much for this course – I really enjoyed diving deeper into yin yoga, and look forward to going further with any future content you post 🙂

Cornelia Mahashakti Balzarini

The instructor was upbeat, thorough, and clear in all of her instructions. Taking the course was well worth my time and money.

Robin Ricketts, RYT

Kassandra is an amazing teacher and the training videos and manual was of good quality! I would 100% recommend this training to everyone.

Natalie Homdrom, RYT®

I can’t wait to start teaching! Thanks for your sharing your knowledge and the extra meaningful insights that make such a differrence! I love your Youtube classes, they are always very well cued and very inspiring. Namaste

Julie Laigle

This course was exactly what I needed at this point in my career as a new teacher. I have only been teaching for a little over a year, and this was the perfect continuing education course for me. I feel that it has improved my teaching, and I have gained more confidence in myself as a teacher. I now have a greater understanding and appreciation for Yin Yoga. Also, the differences between Yin and restorative yoga are now made clear to me. I highly recommend this course!

Nadine Corda, RYT®

I fell in love with yin yoga on Kassandra’s Youtube channel. After doing many of her classes I was so excited to be able to take my practice deeper and learn more. Kassandra really dives deep and shares her knowledge all about yin yoga. From the basic principals to chakras and meridians this program really will give you a well rounded experience that will make you fall deeper in love with such a special practice!”

Amanda Smith

What a wonderful training! I loved the sequencing tips as well as modifications sections. So helpful as a teacher!

Alison Kapp

Thank You for a fantastic training of Yin Yoga, this helped me take Restorative Yoga to a different level and to give a great opportunity to balance between vinyasa and deep fascia release yoga for myself and my students! Thank You again for offering this, and the book is great too!

Anna Marie E Green

Thank you so much for this course – I really enjoyed diving deeper into yin yoga, and look forward to going further with any future content you post 🙂

Helen Smith

GREAT training Kassandra!!!! You are an AMAZING instructor!!!! Thank you so much for arranging this online course! Can’t wait to get more training from you!!! Namaste! Thanks

Ivanna Khorramshahgol

What a great course! I took a mini-intensive last year with my local instructor and have wanted to add yin to my teaching schedule. This was a great course, detailed with great information and videos. I’m excited to share with others – thank you!

Sandra Perkins

Thanks for having this online yin yoga teacher training. I was able to use my time wisely while staying at home during this pandemic. I cannot wait to teach yin yoga here in the Philippines!

Lalaine A. De Leon

Thank You Kassandra, your online Course was a very pleasant Journey throughaut this new (for me) Yin World, made of listening, steadiness, meridians, elements, props, average stress, long timing in the asana….I really appreciated a lot your simple and genuine way of teaching…I definitely am a big fan of you now!

Monica Fagottin

This course was by far the best yoga course I’ve taken. I gained more knowledge than I thought I would and consider Kassandra as a mentor!

Gabrielle Shadeed

Hi Kassandra, Thank you so much for your wonderful and valuable teachings of Yin yoga, I am so grateful to have had the chance to learn with you and I cannot wait to begin teaching as soon as possible. I believe that it is definitely true to always be the student first….we have to have experienced all things to be able to teach others what we have learned. Your book is brilliant and very easy to read and digest so well done, I know you spent a lot of valuable time and energy producing this for us all to benefit from. Thank you Tricia x

Patricia Proffitt

Thank you Kassandra, I am truly grateful to you for this wonderful opportunity. I completed my 500 hours online and totally validate online learning I have loved your Yin Yoga course and found it to be so full of passion and wisdom, in a succinct and very user friendly manner

I feel ready to share this wonderful practice and feel enhanced as a (new…ish) Yoga teacher. I highly recommend your teachings and your beautiful Yin Yoga boo. I am happy to have access to this course for life including any additions I would love to connect with you again. From my heart Namaste

Julie Marie Bartlett

Thank you so much, Kassandra! This was such a beautiful, practice-enhancing, life-enriching experience! I have been practicing yoga for 16 years and have been following your Youtube channel for at least half of that. Such a privilege to get to train with you! I can’t wait to begin to integrate this into my own practice, as well as my teaching. Bright blessings and namaste!!

Alicia Bosley

Love your passion and your easy explanation! You make things clear and very attractive to learn 🙂

Iva Brncic

Thanks so much! I’m excited to see the additions to the trainings!

Adrienne R Cash

This was really wonderful and has guided me to find additional info to advance my practice and teaching. I love that this info will continue to be available to access in the future.

Kate Evans

The course is perfectly balanced between all the theoretical part and the practice. I love the way Kassandra teaches and all her explaining videos are well done. Thanks again for this opportunity.

Isabel Max, RYT®

Yin Yoga Teacher Training was an excellent course! I was drawn to Yin Yoga because of its slow pace and long held poses. I find deep relaxation each time I do this style of yoga and want to share that same ease with others. Kassandra has a sweet, yet no nonsense, way about her. I love the affirmations and all of the great information that she shared during this course. Thank you, Kassandra, for opening up a whole new world of yoga to me for being an amazing yoga teacher! 🙂

Mitzi Johnson, RYT®

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