Elevate how you cue, theme, and sequence your next Vinyasa Class


 A 10-hour Vinyasa-based continuing education program designed to help you theme, cue and sequence your classes in smart, safe, and meaningful ways.

Discover the Art of Crafting Seamless, Inspiring Yoga Classes with Unwavering Confidence.

Unlock the creative power of your teaching voice.

This program is designed to take the overwhelm out of structuring and delivering your vinyasa classes.

As yoga teachers we are not only managing our own energy but the energy of the room as well. 

It’s important that we learn how to ground ourselves and hold a flexible container for how we think the class should go vs. how the flow of the class wants to go.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been teaching for years, within the eleven modules you’ll discover all the tools you need to safely, intentionally and creatively deliver your classes — saving you the confusion and overwhelm that can come with planning your classes.

Yoga Alliance Certified & Beginner Friendly Lifetime Access.

This program is ideal for the yoga teacher who is looking for extra support and guidance to help them theme, sequence and cue vinyasa yoga classes with ease and clarity.  We’ve made the content easy to understand and work through. 

Enrolled students will have lifetime access! It’s a self-paced online course – you decide when to start and finish.


This online training is approved for 10 non-contact continuing education credits through Yoga Alliance.



One of the best ways to find your voice is to study the voice of many teachers.

You will find several real life class examples with specific cueing, theming, and sequencing to study and use as a planning guide. 



“I hope my students walk away inspired!”

You can trust that after completing the program you will know how to curate an inspiring class for any level, including modifications.




We’ve all been there, trembeling with nerves, a lump in our throat afraid we might make a mistake. 

This program gives you the foundation you need to know when and how to “break the rules” when you’re ready. 

Do you ever feel like you're just copying the tonality of who you took your teacher training from?


You’re not alone in this. So many of us, especially if we are a new yoga teacher, feel like we have to “get it right.” This is an invitation to evoke the spark of curiosity within to discover and trust the flow of your own creative teaching voice.




Am I even qualified?


Beginning Yoga Teachers

Get practical tips on how to plan and teach classes your students will love.



Don’t worry about tight deadlines. You’ve got lifetime access to this training and can go through it at your own pace. 


Advanced Yoga Teachers

Connect with other instructors and share your own tips to support beginners! We can all learn from each other.



Gain the knowledge and confidence to craft deeply inspiring and transformational classes.


Flow Structure & Examples

Learn the anatomy to successfully begin and end a creative vinyasa flow.

Vinyasa flows are typically segmented into five categories. In this program, there is a sixth category that assists you to integrate things like mantras, mudras, meditations, and breathwork.


Practice Guidelines & Teaching Tips

BONUS! Do some of your biggest insecurities show up the most as you teach?

Are stuck in a loop of avoidant behaviors caused from nervous energy?

Learn more supportive habits to help you breakthrough and befriend any blocks preventing you from showing up as the teacher you wish to be. 


Skillful Cueing & Theme Building

Did you know there is a big difference between verbal cues and pose demonstration? You will learn how to skillfully cue and speak to both.

Theming can be the glue that holds things together and is often the facilitator to effective sequencing. It’s the magic touch that helps ground and elevate your practice.


Planning & Testing Your Classes

Don’t go into your next class praying for the “download” to come through to be left speechless and frantic.

Learn how to successfully prepare and plan an intentional themed and sequenced vinyasa yoga class.

BONUS OPPORTUNITY! Plan and share your own class with the community.


Downloadable Training Manual

Take your creative planning offline.
This program comes with a 75+ page training manual.

PRO TIP: Use this guide as you follow along the classes to review




Online VS. In-Person Teaching

Learn the hard and fast rule Kassandra stands by as a teacher no matter if you’re teaching online or in person.

Often times we can get default to doing the practice with our students and call it teaching.

While this is not wrong, there is an invitation here to master the art of presence and verbal cues.

Who teaches this Vinyasa Teaching Methodolgies course?

Meet Kassandra Reinhardt

Kassandra is an Ottawa-based Yoga Instructor on a mission to help others feel great with yoga. She started practicing yoga in 2008 as a way to become more flexible and learn to manage stress and anxiety. Little did she know in a few short years she would have the privilege of becoming a teacher, passionately committed to sharing the practice of yoga with others.

Throughout the years she’s fallen in love with the richness of yoga’s philosophy and history. Yoga is now ingrained in her daily life in a fundamental way. It helps her meet any challenges she may face by teaching her to be present, focused and receptive.

Through her Yoga with Kassandra YouTube channel, she’s been able to introduce yoga to millions of people from across the globe. What started as her own personal sadhana to ease stress and anxiety quickly unraveled into her greatest passion, an exciting career and a whole new way of life!

Her aim is to create accessible, easy to follow yoga classes that you can do in the comfort of your own home.


We are so proud of this offering.
Read the glowing reviews of our training from recent graduates!

Thank you so much for this training! I’ve always loved theming my classes, but I was worried about them getting stale, so it was very helpful to get some more new ideas and ways of thinking of preparing themes again. I totally enjoy your YouTube classes and your clear way of explaining things in your classes and in this program. I so very much appreciate it!

Tobi Couture

Thank you so much for this training. It was very enlightening. I have been teaching a while but all the information you presented was wonderful and helped me reflect on how I am teaching my classes. Thanks again. I love watching your online videos. I look forward to taking some more!

Cynthia Gaughan

I have been following Kassandra Reinhardt Yoga for many years. Her sequences have always been exactly what I wanted and needed. Now I am a qualified YT and fully appreciate following this course and gaining further knowledge from Kassandra’s sharing of her experiences and knowledge. I have a newly found confidence in my own teacher ability, thanks to this further training. Her knowledge has filled in the missing gaps in my own teaching. I am glad I took this further study and fully recommend the course to anyone wanting to continue to enhance their practice and skills. A huge thanks to Kassandra and I shall certainly attempt another of her online course soon.

Debra Leenah Fraser, RYT®

Thank you very much Kassandra! I really like your courses and this one fulfilled my expectations as well! It was very inspiring and a great refreshment for me.

Sia Gosheva-Oney


You'll receive...

  • 75 page in-depth teaching methodologies manual
  • 17 video lectures
  • 7 yoga classes
  • 10 non-contact continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance
  • teacher & community support
  • a certificate of completion

Instructional Videos

Yoga Classes

Training manual

Teacher & Community Support

Certificate of Completion


$229 USD

Payment Plan


for 3 months


What is your refund policy?

We value integrity and believe students should honor commitments made. There will be no refunds for this transaction, please make sure you are ready to commit to this training prior to enrolling.

When does this course begin and end?

You complete the course on your own schedule. Begin whenever you’re ready and go at your own pace!

Do I need to be a yoga teacher to take this course?

Not at all! This is open to everyone.

Are the modules and lessons available for download?

No, the instructional videos can only be watched within the course itself. This is to prevent the content from being re-uploaded or illegally distributed. Rest assured that you will have lifetime access to all of the material in this course. However, the training manual is available for download.

How long will I have access to the course?


How much does this course cost?

The course is $229 USD and you can choose to pay in 3 installments of $77 USD.

Do you charge VAT tax?

Yes! Please note that if you live in Europe, you will be charged VAT tax. This is out of my control. This course is hosted on Teachable and they are the payment processor. They are legally bound to collect and remit VAT tax.

Are there any scholarships available?

Not at this time but we offer limited scholarships in the fall. Please check back later for updates.